Tracking Day Motaro and Balumpa Class

Yeaayy…..Tracking time!

First grade students were so excited to have “wet tracking”. It is one of activity in Sekolah Alam Cikeas which the students wait and love very much. Why do we call “wet tracking”?  It’s because we track to the rice field, river, lengkuas garden and fish pond. The students also have a chance to play in the river. They will go back to school in wet body and wet cloth. Actually, we also have dry tracking. In this activity we walk on the street or garden and back to the school. But both are fun activity for the students.

During this activity, there were so many experiences they would get. They could train their endurance on finishing the track, they could build team work because they would face many obstacles and difficulties. Together they would try to hand in hand in solving or facing the difficulties. They also saw many animals such as lizard, butterfly, cricket, small fish, frog and many others. They also learnt many kinds of plant, they could see Lengkuas, corn, rambutan, sweet potato, nuts, coconut, rice and others.

 Through this activity the student will play and learn many things as well. They can build their character based on their experience. “ PengAlaman adalah Sekolah Terbaik”.(EY)